Roulette Rules: Improve Your Winning Chances by Knowing the Game

Roulette Table

We pick up from our guide to present the roulette rules for all new beginner to this extravagant table game. Many new players opt for roulette as their ‘first’ classic game to gamble on, so we figured why not help take you through the game so you know how they work online, where it is very different to playing in the ‘traditional’ sense. If you pick up the roulette rules in no time, then head over to and see what they can offer you after learning.

We cover a lot of ground on our site and here you get to learn the rules of roulette when playing in casinos

Before you head off to bet on the wheel, it is important to know that the casino games you will most likely play are the machines. Fast, simple and quick to handle, these machines are still programmed. Learning the roulette rules with these formats are highly important. The roulette betting rules vary depending on the table you pick. From Low, Medium to High Roller wagers you have multiple choices of how to play when it comes to bets.

There are different roulette game rules for each variant of the table and we’ll cover them all

The most notable aspect of a roulette table is the number of ways to bet which is a strategy when it comes to learning things outside of the roulette rules casino operators use. So let us look at the table first. The rules of roulette or very simple when playing the machines, you only need set the betting value for a chip and select which area of the table you will gamble on. You can select single number, areas, lines quadrants, colors red black, odds and even and the famous zero option.

Once you have mastered the casino roulette rules you can practice on our selection of free demo games

There are indeed different games and thusly each as their own way of playing. So you have European roulette rules for this specific table which very slightly vary from the option of playing on a table with American roulette rules. With American roulette you have an additional zero on the wheel which, in turns, changes the odds and even increases the house edge on the game. So a player needs to bare these factors when choosing which table they will play.

The rules of roulette that you play through the machine formats are exactly the same with live games

The numbers don’t change between the machine games and those you can play live. The roulette wheel doesn’t change and therefore for the most part the casino roulette rules don’t change. The only key differences with the roulette casino rules comes with the stake amounts. Some games allow you to place limited chips whereas other games have no limit. There is also games that play with two ball options and you might experience a different table format with French roulette being another option.

Take the newly learnt roulette casino rules out to the real money tables and see if you can win

Once you have the basics down which is how to bet then the rules of roulette can work throughout the casino. The more you play the better you’ll be able to read the games. Find tables that suit your budget value. Find a system the machine is programmed with that pays out using an RNG (Random Number Generator) program rather than RTP (Return To Player).

The most important of the roulette game rules is about gambling smartly. Practice which combination works bets and take it to the real money tables in the casinos.